2022-05-12 16:42 admin

Recently, for very poor fluidity/low density POWDER products,our TAILOR DESIGN SEA-BULK LINER(Container Liner) has used for bulk transportation of TITANIUM DIOXIDE(TiO2) powder.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE has a strong adsorption and easy to be affected by moisture.Moreover, It is a STICKY powder with poor flow and easy to produce residue during unloading process.
In order to achieve a big volume and bulk containerization transportation, according to the characteristics of TITANIUM DIOXIDE, and combined with the customer's existing loading and unloading equipment,ANTHENTE team provide a TAILOR DESIGN LINER.The LINER BODY is made of PE FILM with inner slip to outside bottom anti-slip to increase the POWDER flow down in LINER and stay safety during the unloading.And equipped with AIR BAG DESIGN to solution the RESIDUE problem.  

 In order to improve the standardization and safety for using SEA BULK LINER, Our professional teams go to guide customers in the whole process.Comparing with the 25KG BAG and TON BAG packaging, The SEA BULK LINER reduces the filling time to save labor and packaging cost.Meanwhile,The CONTAINER LINER keep the cleanliness of TITANIUM DIOXIDE inside.

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