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FIBCs/Bulk Bag

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Q Bag (Baffle)
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        Baffled Bulk Bags(Q Bag) are truly versatile packing and storing solutions. These can be
made using
the U-Panel technique 
or the4-Panel bag technique. It has a strong cubical shape
which is composed of 4
separate vertical baffle panels. These are stitched inside the bags on the
The baffle panels have efficient openings (ports) along the vertical length of the baffle
panels. The openings (ports) can be made
either round, oval, square, diamond and triangular in

Bulk Bag/FIBC Type:
1.Food grade Ton bag--Meet CIQ,AIB and HACCP Food grade Certificate.Used for packing 
and transport food grade and clean requirement product. 

2.Baffle Jumbo Bag--Are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once
they are filled.

3.Type B Bulk Bag--with Anti-static material and design,Suitable for materials that can 
accumulate potential dangerous but weak charge during filling and discharging operations.

4.Type C Bulk Bag--with conductive yarn and design ,Suitable for materials that can
accumulate potential dangerous but weak charge during filling and discharging operations.

5.Skip Bag -- Are the new alternative and flexible way of hiring a waste Skip.

FIBC Design Style:

FIBC Loop Style:

Application for Bulk Bag/Jumbo Bag:

1. Agriculture and Food products: Soybeans, Coffee beans, barley,Wheat,Corn,Flour,
    Cocoa,Animal meal/Fodder, Peanuts, Beans, Nuts, Peas, rice, Salt, Seed,Sugar,Starch
    powder and the others.

2. Chemical Products:PP,PE,PTA,PC,PAT,PET,PVC,ABS,Nylon resin,Alumina powder,Fertilizer,
    Soda powder, Carbon black,Polymer and others.

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