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Carbon Black--SeaBulk Liner Packaging Solution
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                                  (Carbon Black/SiO2 Sea Bulk Liner Solution)

     Nov.19th.2019,We went to the Carbon Black customer's plant to give the customer better
service and guide the customer to loading and unloading for Sea Bulk Liner handling.This PE
Container Liner is designed speciailzed for low desity and light powder.

     According to the Carbon Black loading facility and the requirements during the process of
filling and operating,We supply a independently designe which is suitable for their requirement
for Carbon Black packaging and transportation.

     The PE film Container Liner which can increase the installation and loading efficiency and
more safety;
 Meanwhile, according to the specification of Sugar materials that attact the Film
body of Dry Bulk Liner and tearing the Film easyly during the filling.The design is optimized to
aviod the tearing dangers for loading. 
We own the patent for the Carbon Black Container
Liner design. Food grade approval and anti-stastic loading process.

    Anthente----Expert in bulk transport and packaging, we can provide to customers with a
complete set 
of logistics packaging and transport solutions.We offer our large bulk packaging
service for the world top 500 
companies in the world. With the manufacturing for Flexitank,
Container liner/Bulk LinerFIBC/J
umbo bag/Bulk bag.

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