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Bulk Container Packaging
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      Bulk container packaging is used to store and transport big volume of cooking oil, Palm Oil,Olive Oil and industry oil,non-hazardous chemicals liquid,Food industries.The Container Flexitank and bulk container Liner bags are mainly and widely used in of global container packing. Flexitnak is a multilayer container bulk liquid packaging, outer layer PP Woven, the inner layer of PE Film.Its capacity from 14,000 to 24,000 liters.

     Container Liner bags is an industrial container packing by PE film,PE or PP woven material. This package is mainly used for drying and transport flow products. In the form of Container Liner bag is into blown Film and Fabric, mainly for transport drying free flowing material or chemicals. According to market research firm Research and Markets, in the 2013, FIBC/Bulk Bag is mainly part of the global container packaging market. Although the Flexitank is small relatively, but the next few years, it will be the highest growth rate of container expansion.The bulk Container Liner bags will grow and occupy more than 35% market share in 2013.

      Increasing  exports of the vegetable oil in Southeast Asian and Wine in European will promote the development of bulk container packaging market. Relative to the Plastic drum, Barrel and IBC tankm,Supplier of prefer to use Flextitank to export the vegetable oil/Palm oil.because of the lower cost needing, and high operation efficiency. Exporter of wine,they prefer to use the Flexitank instead of glass to reduce the cost of packaging and freight costs and import duties.

       In addition, comparing with the Barrel,Drum and IBC Tank, Flexitank with high operability and cost-effectiveness will also promote market development.However,The raw material prices is likely to be a factor impede bulk container packaging market growth. In the production of Container Flexitank/Flexibag and bulk Container Liner were use PE and PP material.Which are derivatived of petrochemicals products.Therefore,it was affected by changes in crude oil prices.

       Increasing trade between the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will provide tremendous opportunities bulk Container packaging markets.

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