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Flexitank InstallationLoading process guide
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Flexitank Installation and Loading process guide:

1. Container checking: it must clean the container and check the floor and wall carefully to guarantee there 
    is no sharp objects; There is no serious deformation on the surface or larger repairing. Check all the door 

    lock devices whether it can be used normally, each door should be matched with two intact fence with lock.

2. Lay out the protecting Liner: Using dry and clean corrugated paper to spread and cover all the container’s 
    ground and surrounding walls , and use the adhesive tape to stick flatly and firmly.

3. Lay out the flexitank: It must be put inside the packing box before putting into the container. Check the
    Valve and edge of flexitank anything are good. Do not place directly the bare flexitank into the container 
    without pretecting Paper/Woven liner.

4. Folding the flexitank: Normally, The Flexibag has been folded a good packing for unfolding left and right 
    side well.So it should be laid out on the right hand of container floor and then unfolding to forward. Finally 
    unfolding it to left side.Flexibag must be flat and smooth in good condition.It can not be folding.

5. Fix the bulkhead and Steel Bar: Put the paper bulkhead on the doorway of the container, using with cable
    tie or rope to tie and fix the Bar in the corresponding position. Then fix and fasten the Valve to the Position
    Plates well.

6. Closing the left door and attach the Warning Label of “Forbidden to open”.

Loading process guide:

1. Make sure the left door of container is to be closed well. 

2. Fixing the the Fast-connector: Connecting Connector to the Valve of flexitank, and ensure the Valve is in
    open for loading.

3. Fix the Filling Hose in good condition, It is forbidden to make the Connector of flexitank into deformation 
    causing by force.

4.  The Drop-proof handle of Fast -Connector must be fixed firmly by iron wire to guarantee it can not to be 
     fall off absolutely.

5. Beginning to loading slowly. when during the loading process, it must be have one person to inspect during
    the loading.Valves must be in a natural position

6. During the process of loading, the operator can not left till finishing the loading.

7. After finishing the loading, close the Valve and take out the Fast-Connector from the flexitank, then fixing
    the Dust Cap firmly and tightly.

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