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What is Flexitank
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     Flexitank is an efficient and secure system of maritime transport of liquids in bulk. It allows transport between 10,000 and 24,000 litres. Do you want to know more? Continue reading.

      In general, it can carry any non-Hazardous liquids,like Chemical liquid,White oils,Palm oil,
Ricinoleic acid,Transformer oils,Edible oils,Lactic acid,Vegetable oils,Additives Drinking water,
Waxes,Alum-inum,chlorohydroxide,Fruit concentrates,Detergents,Sweeteners,Emulsions,Malt
Glyc-erols,Natural latex,Synthetic latex,Lubricants,Musts,Paraffins,Polyols,Sorbitol,
Printing Ink.


The flexitank is a non-hazardous liquid transport system very interesting both for cost and for environmental reasons. Its main advantages are:

Flexitank vs Isotank

  • Increased availability: the flexitank can be positioned anywhere in the world within days and in any case, it is much cheaper to maintain an available stock than the isotanks. Instead, Isotanks must be cleaned and repositioned once used, which can not always be available.
  • Best cost: there are many routes where the isotanque once reaches its destination and is empty, should be sent vacuum to another site because there is no return loads. The customer may not know this, but in practice ends up paying the cost of returning empty. By using the flexitank, it is always much easier to reuse a standard shipping container.

Drums or IBCs vs Flexitank

  • Best cost: in a sea container with flexitank can get several thousand liters more than drums, which directly affects the logistics cost.
  • Ease of handling: it is much easier, cheaper and safe to handle a hose than drums or IBCs.
  • Low environmental impact: the flexitank is made of 100% recyclable materials.
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