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Using the Flexitank
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     Flexitank first must be installed in a shipping container, the process must be performed
only by qualified personnel and approved by the manufacturer of Flexitank. 

      The installation process usually takes place in warehouses and container depots, being
the last, the most desirable option. We must verify the suitability of the container, line the
inside of protective material, place the flexitank and the bulkhead and make sure everything
is in per-fect condition.

      Then the container is brought to the place of loading, where the filling process is very
simple, especially with flexitanks with bottom loading system. Simply open the right doorof 
the container, placing the pump to the valve and after about 30 minutes (depending on the
capacity of the pump and the viscosity of the liquid) is already filled the flexitank. It is very
important to respect the parameters of loading and never open the left door of the container.

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